Wagyu Beef Vs Kobe Beef

Have you ever got frustrated with the terms Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef? It’s a common confusion for someone who is new to the industry. Are they the same? Is Wagyu better than Kobe? It’s time to discover the difference.


Wagyu Beef Vs Kobe Beef 

Wagyu beef is just a word that means “Japanese cow.” If you see Wagyu classifications such as A4 or A5, there is a high chance that the beef is authentic Japanese meat and not American wagyu beef. 

Japan uses a special Beef Marbling System (BMS) to grade the marbling quality from 3-12. The higher the BMS, the more expensive it will cost. If the BMS is 12, it is expected that the wagyu beef cattle will produce a slice of almost white meat.

Wagyu beef has this district flavor of savoriness and creaminess. Many think that it is high in cholesterol, but it’s not. Rather, it is high in sodium and monosaturated fats. As a result, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires all restaurants serving Wagyu only to offer 93%-100% pure Japanese beef.

Kobe beef is one classification of Wagyu. Yes, you can call it Kobe Wagyu if you like. Other types of Wagyu beef cattle include A5, Matsusaka, Ohmi, and Bungo. The most common beef battle goes with a5 wagyu vs Kobe. It is crucial to understand the difference between Kobe and Wagyu because the genuine quality relies on the taste. If you will try eating authentic Kobe cow or a5 cattle meat, that’s the only time you can differentiate which is worth it or not.

Various restaurants are caught red-handed with misleading Wagyu advertisements. A5 and Kobe beef cows are different from US-raised Wagyu breeds. You can visit https://thewagyustop.com to know more details about authentic Japanese Beef. This is to avoid getting less on what you pay for. Comparing Kobe vs Wagyu or Wagyu vs Kobe is only possible if you can indulge in a genuine Japanese Beef.


Wagyu Beef History

As studies found, the Wagyu might be traced way back 35,000 years ago. In the 18000s, Japanese cattle were crossbred with European cattle. Today, the top breeds that dominate the Japanese beef market are Japanese Black, Japanese Polled, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Brown.

But why is Wagyu beef so expensive? Why don’t farms just mass-produce and offer it at a lower price? That’s the thing. Japan announced a ban on exporting Wagyu cows. It happened in 1997 where the country declared Wagyu as one of the national treasures of Japan.


What Is Kobe Beef?

Kobe Beef is considered one of the most marbled beef in the whole world. There are a lot of certain requirements to meet a Kobe standard. It must originate from a steer or virgin cattle with a strain of 10/10 pure Tajima black.

The cow must be born within Hyopo Prefecture, a paradise region of Honshu Island in Japan. The area is rich in healthy volcanic soil and is near the ocean. The BMS should be at least 6. This is the reason why Kobe tastes scrumptious.

How much is Kobe beef? It depends. There is American Kobe beef which is cheaper than authentic Japanese Kobe meat. Generally, the price for an 8oz steak is around $70. It can also go lower or higher.

The Taste

When it comes to other Wagyu Beef vs Kobe, you can pick any of the available meat. Wagyu is wagyu. The taste is mouthwatering and inexplicable. As the experts say, Kobe beef massaged is way better than those which are not. So maybe the cooking preparation and techniques have a big contribution to the taste itself.

Other studies about Kobe Beef vs Wagyu Beef say that comparing the two is like comparing wine and grape juice. Both taste good but the appreciation depends on the person eating the meat. If you are still doubtful about getting a fake Wagyu, try searching for the Japanese regions that produce it. Contact them directly and ask if they have a distributor in your country.


How to Cook Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu beef is naturally good in taste. No matter what kind you have in your fridge, Kobe or A5, the best way is to cook it the simplest way. Yes, you can cook it like a pro at home. You do not have to take a culinary degree to understand the basics of beef recipes.


Choose the best cut

Choosing Wagyu steak cut is half the story. You can go for boneless or ribeye—others like it in skewers or bite-size. You are free to choose your favorite cut, but experts suggest going for steak if this is your first time.

Refrigerate your beef

If you can cook it right away, that’s better. Hence, you need to put your bee in the freezer if you can’t prepare them. It shouldn’t be exposed to air for long as it will ruin the quality. The less air exposure it acquires, the less problem you’ll face.

Defrost your beef

Usually, one serving of frozen steak will take 6 to 8 hours of thawing. Once the steak is fully thawed, it’s crucial to cook them right away to preserve the bursting flavor. Make sure that the meat is able to reach room temperature. There should be no frost left as it can greatly affect the cooking process.

Salt and pepper is enough

Wagyu beef tastes best with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Do not overpower the flavor of Wagyu. It can stand on its own without special sauces and seasonings.

Medium cook is the best

To fully enjoy the quality of Wagyu, cook it at medium. Medium cooked means that the temperature is at 140F. It should have a hot pink which is slightly firmer in texture. Others find it more delightful at medium-rare, but not all can take the raw meat in the middle.

There you go! You only live once. Get the chance to enjoy the most delicious food treasures in the world. It’s a perfect way to start with Wagyu beef. Nothing tastes better than a delightful experience.