Where Can You Buy Wagyu Beef?

Lower grades of wagyu beef are often sold in health-conscious or premium food stores. This beef is most often mixed with regular, ground Angus beef as regulations only require a little over 40% wagyu to be present in these retail-store packages.

To sell pure, certified premium-quality wagyu beef like Kobe and A5, certain standards must be adhered to, and these cuts will almost always come with a certificate of authenticity.

Why? Because the Kobe Beef Association certifies each head of Tajima-Gyu cattle individually, only allowing about 5,000 cattle each year to be bred for its purpose. The products movement is then tracked closely by the Association until it ends up served in a restaurant or purchased for home cooking.

One of the few premium butchers you can purchase real, pure-bred grades of wagyu and Kobe beef is through The Wagyu Stop. Our carefully marbled selection of beef cuts is imported directly from the farms that breed, select and butcher each piece according to quality grading standards and sizes.


Your Premium Butcher: The Wagyu Stop

The Wagyu Stop is the only premium butcher in Newport Beach, CA, serving a variety of high-quality wagyu cuts at preferred pricing. 

You deserve the highest quality A5 and 6/7 score beef for your premium cuisine. We connect you with the highest-rated beef programs to your doorstep from all over the world.

All wagyu in the shop is pre-cut for precise quality and size directly from the breeder. Each cut has been sustainably and ethically sourced, all with exceptional quality and taste delivered right to your door or available in-store for either personal purchase or wholesale.