Our Mission

“Wagyu is something that every meat lover should experience at least once.” 
-Robb Walsh

Our mission is to give as many people their own premium Wagyu experience at home! Direct sourcing allows us to relay those price savings to you, making our prices more competitive. Spoil your taste buds with our A5 Kagoshima Wagyu, considered to be The BEST Meat. 

Our Story

We started WagyuStop for the people who love the finer things in life. We want to bring you certified Wagyu products at discounted prices. We carry the highest quality products in the world, and will deliver them right to your door.  

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Our Goal

Our goal is to spoil your taste buds with what many consider to be The BEST Meat. We make sure that your product arrives in great condition by using an insulated styrofoam box with dry ice. You will get quality meat on your doorstep very quickly so you, your friends, or your family will enjoy!

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Happy Cows

Wagyu cows have some of the highest standards of living for cows in free range grazing without antibiotics or growth hormones. 


Our Japanese Kagoshima A5 is all certified and your purchase will contain a certificate of authentication.

Safe Delivery

Our shipments come in a styrofoam container with dry ice to keep them fresh for up to 4 days in transit.




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